About Stuart, Florida Fishing

Stuart, Florida FishingStuart, Florida provides some of the best inshore and offshore fishing Florida has to offer. The St. Lucie Estuary and Indian River make up the largest inshore lagoon on the East coast of Florida and provide a massive marine estuary for fish to feed and breed. These cycles occur throughout the year for many different fish species along the mangroves, grass flats, oyster beds, and reefs. Stuart is also known as the feeding grounds for many migrating fish such as tarpon, sailfish, cobia, mackerel, and pompano. While traveling north or south, they stop to feed along our coastline and rivers. Stuart has lots of nice public beaches and bridges for anglers to explore and fish from land. There are 8 different boat ramps in the area to launch boats and fish new areas. Visitors can stop by Stuart Angler any time for fishing advice and local information.

Snook in Stuart FL

Stuart is well known for its snook fishing with its backcountry rivers and brackish water. The bridges, jetties, and docks provide lots of structure for snook to ambush feed on mullet, pinfish, sardines, pilchards, and shrimp. Throughout the summer, they cruise along the beaches while spawning and provide a great opportunity for sight fishing. Snook are one of Stuart’s primary sport fish for inshore anglers in search of a good fight and a tasty meal!

Offshore Fishing in Stuart FL

Located close to the Gulfstream, offshore anglers don’t have to travel far to hook up on sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, tuna, and more. During the fall and winter months, Stuart lives up to its name as the “Sailfish Capital of the World” as these billfish show up chasing bait. Stuart has many offshore tournaments for added excitement that bring anglers together for excitement. With lots of reefs and sunken ships, Stuart is also known for its bottom fishing to target many species of snapper and grouper. We also have wrecks and reefs close to shore inhabited by lobster, snapper, and other reef fish for fun with the family.